Frequently Asked Questions

Your license plate is used to verify your vehicle as having an active hangTag session on some parking facilities. Your license plate and your phone number are two ways we identify you.

HangTag provides an easy way for you to pay for parking and your credit card details are retained in order to apply the parking charge. Don’t worry, your credit card information is held securely.

Yes, you can add up to four license plates in your account profile, and can change these at any time. If you have four already in the system, and wish to initiate a parking session with a fifth vehicle, just swap out that license plate for one of the four you have in your profile.

Yes, you can add multiple credit cards. Add a personal card and a business card to easily manage expenses. Just select the correct card to be billed when initiating a parking session.

Of course! You can extend from anywhere and at any time while the session is active. Just view the active session, and press ‘extend’ to select more time.

HangTag is intended to allow you to pay for parking when you arrive at the parking lot and have found an empty space. It is possible to initiate a parking session before you arrive, but there will be no assurance that a spot will be available. If you are unsure that a parking space will be available, and don’t want to risk waiting for one to open up, only initiate a parking session when you are parked safely in the lot.

You cannot stop or cancel a session once it has started.

You can always change your profile information, change or remove credit cards and licence plates at any time through the app, but if you want to permanently deactivate your account, just email us at with your name and phone number and we’ll deactivate your account.

If you are not receiving notifications, please check your phone setting to ensure you are allowing notifications from hangTag on your device. If you are still not getting a expiry notification, please let us know.

Each account is unique to a phone and it is not possible to add a second phone to that account. If you have a second phone, create a new account for that phone, you can use the same email address and credit cards on different accounts, but each phone needs its own account.

If you change your phone, taking your current phone number to a new device, simply download the hangTag app on your new device, log in, and we’ll send you a code to verify the device.

Yes you can. If you get a new phone with a different phone number, log in to your account using the “I’ve changed my phone number” option, we’ll verify the new number and you’ll be good to go. If your phone number was entered in error, or if you have changed your phone number more than once in the last year, you need to contact us to make the change.

You cannot have more than one active session on a single lot at any time (i.e. two cars parked in the same lot). You can have multiple active sessions on different lots (i.e. two cars parked on different lots).

Most of the time you will find rates on the app are the same as those posted at the lot, but the hangTag app allows more flexible and friendly rates than are possible through other payment methods and occasionally you may find a discrepancy. If ever you are unhappy with a rate disparity between what you are paying though the app versus what is posted at the lot, please let us know.

From the ‘Your Account’ page, view your Purchase History, select a month, and hit the mail icon at top left. A transaction report for that month will be sent by email.

A convenience fee is an amount added to a purchase price paid by the customer for the use of the hangTag application as the payment method.